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Stovetop Diplomat Best of 2021

Stovetop Diplomat Best of 2021

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An arbitrary awards ceremony given by Stovetop Diplomat to Stovetop Diplomat – a look back at the best recipes from the last year!

Most Popular: Denver Green Chile



The undisputed champion of popularity this year, and indeed of the entirety of this blogs existence, Denver Green Chile is how we kicked this year off. Denver green chile is one of those regional specialties that’s found nowhere but here – a thin, gravy-like green chile stew perfect for smothering burritos or eating plain with a tortilla! This was the first copycat recipe published on Stovetop Diplomat, and I did a lot of homework sampling (and re-sampling!) the green chiles around my fair city.

Best Original Creation: Chile Relleno Soufflé



A lot of recipes here at Stovetop Diplomat are what I believe to be the best possible versions of famous dishes. But some of them are creations and ideas that I’m particularly proud of – as with this Chile Relleno Soufflé. Light and airy; but rich, cheesy and oh-so-decadent – a perfect meeting of worlds!


Best Breakfast: Cheddar Scallion Sourdough Pancakes with Miso Butter



Just thinking about these Cheddar Scallion Sourdough Pancakes gets me all hot and bothered. I don’t love traditional buttermilk pancakes, but this unique pancake recipe is something special. They’re awesome on their own but the miso butter really brings the whole dish together! A savory breakfast recipe easy enough for a weekday but impressive enough for weekend brunch!


Best Cuban Recipe: Papas Rellenas



This one was a toss up – there’s a lot of great Cuban recipes around here – but I’ve gotta declare Papas Rellenas the winner. These picadillo-stuffed, fried mashed potato balls are always a huge hit wherever they go! This recipe feeds a crowd, but fortunately these freeze beautifully so you can have one (or a few!) whenever you want.


Best Reshoot: Ultra Umami Mushroom Gravy



This one was a toss-up as well – I did several photo reshoots of old posts this year. But I gotta give the accolade to my Ultra Umami Mushroom Gravy recipe, the second recipe I ever posted on Stovetop Diplomat. This one wins by being far-and-away the largest photo improvement…the originals were pretty grim. Plus I think this recipe deserves a shoutout because it is just so, so delicious. Great on pasta, potatoes, steak and so much more!
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