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New Mexico: What We Ate

New Mexico: What We Ate


Welcome to the kick-off of my new series: What We Ate! I’m psyched that I get to begin with one of my absolute favorite states: New Mexico. This was not a food themed trip – the ultimate destination was Meow Wolf – but there’s no way not to squeeze in some awesome food in the Land of Enchantment!

I make absolutely no claims that this is a best-food-in-New-Mexico list. That article has been written dozens of time by people who know much more than I. This is just a snapshot of some of the things we ate on a trip to New Mexico whose theme was quick-and-inexpensive. I would also like to go ahead and preemptively apologize for the quality of photos – impromptu restaurant photos are clearly not my best event!




Our first stop (which in many ways is “base” in New Mexico to me) was Blake’s Lotaburger. We stopped in Española at the location at 119 N Paseo De Onate, which was the first one coming the direction we were on the 285. If you haven’t heard of Blake’s, you can kind of think of it as New Mexico’s In-n-out: a regional specialty of their own. The magic of Blake’s is that your burger comes with roasted Hatch green chiles on it, which to be fair is probably the way all burgers should be. We also got a carne adovada breakfast burrito, having never tried anything on the menu that wasn’t the hamburger. In terms of red sauce, it may not be the best in the world, but it’s the best of the fast food options around the  country by far.




We arrived in Albuquerque and went directly to Old Town where we stopped by The Candy Lady at 424 San Felipe NW. She makes many, many amazing sweets, but I was on a mission for one thing specifically- a piece of red chile white chocolate fudge. You just can’t get it anywhere else! This batch was extra spicy and extra excellent. It’s a weird combination and not for the faint of heart!

We concluded the day with some brewery hopping, from the Santa Fe Brewing outpost at Green Jeans to Bow & Arrow Brewing. Bow & Arrow is one of my favorite breweries in the state, and the ever-rotating tap-list was quite different from last time we were in! There was a specific beer I was hoping for- the Churro Bandito Milk Stout (a milk stout by which I judge all other milk stouts!) but it isn’t on tap right now. We tried the Scenic West Hazy IPA, the Strawberry Amigo, the Savage Times Sour IPA, the Foeder-aged Farmhouse Ale, the Cosmic Arrow Saison and the Anatomy of an Arrow Golden Sour. I thought I was going to like the Strawberry Amigo more than I did, but I LOVED the Savage Times.


The next day we got up and headed to Santa Fe, our primary goal being Meow Wolf. We had sort of forgotten to make food plans; we just needed something quick and cheap. Baja Tacos  ended up coming through for us- I was skeptical because of the name and the hurriedness by which it was chosen, but I shouldn’t have been. It may not have been pretty but it still was excellent: stuffed sopapillas served “Christmas” – smothered in green and red chile. Mr. Diplomat got chicken and I got beef. I also grabbed a beef taco, which I was surprised and pleased to see was crunchy – I love street tacos, but it seems to me that society is moving toward a street-tacos-only-model and that seems like too much.




It was evening by the time we left Meow Wolf and also Monday – most of the breweries were closed. We chose Second Street Brewery  solely based on proximity and openness- not necessarily beer selection. We were VERY pleasantly surprised- there were a few that knocked our socks off! We got the Skimboard Sour, the Kölsch, the Sloppy Sloth Hazy IPA and the Cream Stout. Special shoutout to the Skimboard Sour- that one seriously kicked ass. Our server told us one of the employees had just turned 21 and that this was his first brew- kudos to that kid. I still think about how great that beer was.


On our way out of town the next day we stopped at Alicia’s Tortilleria for what would prove to be the most delicious things we ate on this little shotgun trip. We got the mole de pollo con frijoles (mole chicken with beans) burrito, a pair of puerco con chile colorado (red chile and pork) pork tamales and a horchata. The mole was so unique and warm and fragrant and spicy…it fired on every cylinder! And just look at how good that tortilla looks. The masa in the tamales was melt-in-your-mouth soft and just totally to-die-for. The bottom picture is me peeling and eating the tamale like a banana, which was a new experience.


Not pictured here, but the final thing we ate was at the McDonald’s in Raton – did you know you can get Hatch green chiles on a McDouble in New Mexico? It’s absolutely worth the stop and you definitely should. Like I said above, all burgers are really meant to be eaten with green chile.


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