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Creamed Eggs on Toast

Creamed Eggs on Toast

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This is a simple but delicious breakfast recipe that isn’t served often enough. The height of morning comfort foods!

Whenever my family gets together it is almost guaranteed that someone requests creamed eggs on toast for breakfast. At this point, we (the breakfast monsters) don’t even have to request it. It just sort of naturally occurs, like the tides. If you were an oceanographer you could study it.


For the uninitiated, creamed eggs on toast is a simple combination of béchamel sauce and hardboiled eggs served over toasted crusty bread. It is incredibly simple and wildly underrated. It is made even simpler when serving after Easter and is a great way to use up those leftover hardboiled eggs- plus dyed eggs turn the sauce hilarious colors.

Creamed Eggs on Toast

The height of morning comfort foods!

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Servings 2 people, 2 slices of bread per person


  • 4-5 hard-boiled eggs roughly chopped
  • 4 pieces of crusty bread
  • 2 tbsp butter
  • 2 tbsp flour
  • 1 cup milk
  • 1/4 tsp salt
  • 12 cranks of pepper
  • paprika for garnish optional


  1. Melt butter in medium sauce pan and whisk in flour. Let cook for a minute or two until you can no longer smell the flour.
  2. Add milk and turn pan to medium-low. Cook for 2-4 minutes or until thickened. Add a splash of milk if necessary- you are looking for a consistency close to pancake batter.
  3. In the meantime, toast bread
  4. After sauce has thickened, add chopped eggs and stir
  5. Divide bread between plates and pour sauce and eggs over the top. Garnish with paprika if desired.

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